Vinyl style CDs

CDs that look just like traditional records with raised ridges and grooves

These are very popular with bands and for wedding invitations or favors and are available in eight gorgeous colours, with a wide range of packaging options that include record-style wallets, 4 page gatefold wallets with inner record-style wallets and digipaks.

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CD duplication

Professional CD duplication and replication services

Whether a short run of 50 copies or a replicated CD production run from a glass master for 1000 units or more, we can assist with the production of the highest standard discs in either tradition jewel cases, CD wallets, CD digipaks with cardboard outers and clear trays or eco digipaks with disc trays made from recycled egg boxes.

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Audio cassette production

High quality audio cassettes in single/double cases or O-cards

We provide high quality real time cassette duplication from a master CD onto over 35 different cassette shell colours, in a wide variety of packaging and with custom printed J-cards for the cases. The cassette shells can have either on-body or sticker printing and are also available in transparent, glitter and metallic colours.

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DVD duplication

DVD duplication and replication services for quantities of 50 or more

We produce both single layer (4.7GB) and dual layer (8.5GB) DVDs for clients in a varied selection of packaging options including standard DVD cases in over 12 different colours, CD wallets, digipaks or just bulk wrapped.

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